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  • Why join Santiago Trade School?
    Friends. Legit construction skills. Manly formation. Jesus.
  • What should a Santiago graduate expect?
    STS graduates will be sought after by top contractors in southern California as well as Santiago Retreat Center itself. They will be able to put forward two years of working on real construction projects in every stage, a depth of experience in a particular trade of choice, and the reliability and trustworthiness of a Christian gentleman.
  • How will I learn trade skills?
    Santiago’s integrated program for young tradesmen includes instructional workshops with experienced contractors, online courses, mentorship from Santiago Retreat Center’s construction staff, and daily work on real projects at Santiago Trade School.
  • What trades does Santiago teach / include in its program?
    Architecture, Soils, Concrete, Framing, Dry Wall, Insulation, Lath & Plaster, Electrical, Energy Standards, Plumbing, Landscaping, Heating / Air Conditioning, Roofing / Sheet Metal, Heavy Machinery, Automotive, Finish Carpentry, Asphalt and more.
  • Should I bring tools when I move in?
    No. You will earn your tool belt after a period of testing and trial.
  • What is the food like at STS?
    Students cook for the community meals according to available ingredients and their cooking abilities. Please practice cooking before entering the program for your classmates’ sake!
  • What is the spiritual life like at Santiago Trade School?
    The daily spiritual life of STS follows the rhythm of life of the Church universal. A well ordered prayer life, helps to form a well ordered man. Morning prayer and evening prayer in community, daily mass, time for personal prayer, meditation, contemplation with Jesus in the Real Presence, access to frequent Confession, and of course observance of the seasonal liturgical calendar. An intentional prayer helps to provide rest from the busyness of the working day.
  • What opportunities for recreation and fun are available at Santiago?
    Work squads winning jobsite competitions will earn weekend outings to Orange County’s wealth of fun locations. Weight room and sports field provide daily recreation. Men have the freedom to hang out and relax every night after dinner and prayers.
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